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Dragon’s Prophet Lets Gamers Take Flight! On DRAGONS!

Max Linskey October 7, 2013 4

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Author: Max Linskey


Thanks to Runewaker Studios (and publisher Sony Online Entertainment), a game has been created that combines an MMORPG with creatures you can tame and train as your companions. The game is called Dragon’s Prophet, and it gives gamers the power to ride different kinds of dragons, and also call them into battle to fight against their foes. The best part is, right after the opening tutorial and a few quests, the player gets the chance to tame a dragon, learning what it takes to capture one and what they can do.


Taming and riding creatures is a big part of many games. Pokemon based it’s entire series on taming creatures, and classics like Mario and Link have their loveable creatures to ride. Even MMO’s, namely World of Warcraft, include “mounts” for their owners to ride and show off. But WoW’s mounts are creatures you can merely ride upon and not much else, and are also difficult to obtain, making them more of trophies.


The dragons are a big part of what makes Dragon’s Prophet so unique and taming them is different from any other game. Most of the time, a tool (see Poke ball) or power is used to tame a wild beast. Dragon’s Prophet takes a more realistic route and makes the player work for it. Once the tame ability is used, the character actually jumps onto the back of the creature, and the struggle begins! The player is then prompted to press W, A, S, or D to keep a reticle inside the challenge area. The player then has to wrangle the dragon into submission before their stamina runs out, or the dragon will throw them off and become hostile. And A hostile dragon will not hesitate to attack, and be much more difficult to try to tame again. After a few attempts, this process gets easier, and the variety of dragons makes it exciting every time a new pet is tamed.


Your new BFF


Aside from the assortment of dragons, Dragon’s Prophet brings a few other changes to MMO’s. Movement is done with WASD, but instead of moving in the direction the character is facing (determined by A or D), instead the direction is determined using the mouse. The mouse is also used for targeting, and besides using keyboard hot-keys, the two main spells or actions a character has can be triggered by right or left clicking. This change makes attacking and moving much easier (and is a necessity to in combat to avoid damage.) Moving around and flying(!) on a dragon is very easy thanks to the keyboard-mouse combination.


Dragons and layout changes make for a different experience, but other than this, Dragon’s Prophet is a very similar game to its online relatives like World of Warcraft, Star Wars, the Old Republic and League of Legends (which aren’t all exactly the same, but they are MMO’s). Quests need to be completed. A world needs to be saved. Level grinding is a must unless a player enjoys defeat. Most importantly, those who pay for the game get more than those who lay for free. This isn’t a bad thing, for any game, because it is the only way for Runewaker Studios to make any money. Luckily, Dragon’s Prophet is a free-to-play game, with payment only necessary for those who want early access to more slots for dragons and other goodies.


Dragon’s Prophet is an excellent MMORPG and is a free to play on Steam. Riding and befriending dragons is what separates this from the rest, and it’s a new game to become obsessed with. It gets a score of 85 out of 100.

Get riding and remember; riding dragons is SUPER METAL! (see game trailer)


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