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Naruto Chapter 650 Review (SPOILERS!)

Geoff October 9, 2013 39

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Naruto Chapter 650Well NETV fans, if you keep up with Naruto, you know that things are starting to get pretty intense. Who am I kidding, things have been intense for a while now, but it hasn’t died down one bit, Kishimoto is constantly keeping us on the edge of our seats with each new chapter. But if you haven’t been keeping up with the manga and just want to watch the episodes then just don’t read any further…seriously, save the emotions for when you eventually read it/watch it.


The chapter starts with the five kage and the remaining shinobi rushing towards the God tree. As the tree begins to attack them, they all launch a counter attack while wrapped in the 9 tails chakra and manage to start actually damaging the god tree. The 2nd and 4th Hokages use their thunder god techniques to save any shinobi that are about to die while Orichimaru and the 3rd Hokage agree to fight together just like the old days. Meanwhile, Tsunade and Sakura use their Yin seals to summon Katsuyu and use remote healing on all the shinobi attacking. Naruto, in his sage nine-tails form, and Sasuke, in his curse seal susanoo, continue to attack Ten-tail Obito. Obito is able to hold them off, meanwhile Kakashi in the other dimension states that Obito has been swayed by Naruto, but because of Obito’s history, it’s tearing  him apart, but he still wants to find an answer in Naruto. Obito knocks down both Naruto and Sasuke efficiently knocking their cloaks off of them, he then starts to berate Naruto asking him why he’s still fighting. Even if he happens to win, people will still betray him, the alliance won’t last and people will still know pain. Naruto states that he is still fighting because it’s his ninja way to never go back on his word. Sasuke jumps besides Naruto and they release Susanoo and and the Fox cloak simultaneously mixing them together.

End Summary.

Well this was clearly a set up chapter, but it still had enough setup to make everyone  excited for next week . It was amazing seeing Orichimaru and the 3rd Hokage fighting together, along with Tsunade and Sakura together using the Yin seal, the 2nd and 4th Hokage fighting so efficiently together, but above all that, the potential 9 tails/Susanoo mix. But in my own opinion, the best part of the chapter was Obito clearly starting to question everything that he’s done. Kishimoto has done a great job with Obito, even though he has caused mass destruction and death throughout the story, he is still a relatable character. As much as you want to watch Obito defeated for all the chaos he’s caused, you still want to understand him, you want what he does to be justifiable.

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