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Throwback Thursday: Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland

Max Linskey December 12, 2013 1

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One of Nintento’s greats, Kirby, makes his first appearance on the GameBoy Advance back in 2002 with the instant hit Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland.

Kirby games are never overly complicated. In fact, it’s in the simplicity of the game that players have the most fun. The Kirby series is made for all ages, great games to start getting into platformers, and into the wonderful worlds Nintendo offers with this and other franchises. That being said, this game is like all the others, with King Dedede being his naturally rude self and making trouble in Dreamland, with Kirby as the hero stepping in to save the day.

Kirby uses his trusty eat everything approach to life, with the added benefit of gaining the abilities of those he fully digests (instead of projectile vomiting them at his enemies).

When his mouth opens, there’s nowhere to run

In this way, Kirby then can breathe fire, wield a sword, or use many other powers against his foes, serving whatever purpose he needs at the time (and the ability to remove an effect for another).

The faces of sheer pain

Also, if he ever does take damage, Dreamland is littered with discarded bottles of Peppy Soda and tomatoes that restore his health.


There are no trash bins in Dreamland

Each world has 4 levels to play through and a boss battle at the end before you advance to the next one, but what really adds to the game are the mini games and other things to help on the journey. In between the levels, players can mercilessly beat mini-bosses for their powers, play a rousingly safe game of frying pan bomb toss (that never ends badly), or race safely above any visible ground on rails, all for extra ways to cheat death in Dreamland.

FirelionarenaBomb Paddlerail ride

Safety first!

Adding to this, there is an entire game mode where you can playthrough with friends, so two or more of you can multiply the devastation of the bosses of each world.

Because the game was so hard on your own

And if that weren’t enough destruction, you can go back and play the game again, this time as the badass Meta Knight.


All jokes aside, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland is a guilty pleasure game of mine. I remember the Christmas I got it from my grandmother, I played it and beat it before I did anything else. It was the best game for the handheld I had when I was 11 and it still holds up now as a great Kirby game. The games never are very difficult, but you can’t help but love Hal Laboratories little pink hero.

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