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NETV Podcast: Battlefront Beta Review

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy November 10, 2015

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    NETV Podcast: Battlefront Beta Review
    Josh Yutkins-Kennedy

Ignite your lightsabers and reload those thermal clips you meatbags! Star Wars Battlefront comes out very soon and we might be late in this review, but that has never stopped us in the past from giving you the late REAL news and review from the depths. So let’s sit back, […]


Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy April 17, 2015

The time to crap your pants is here my fellow stormtroopers and rebel soldiers. It’s been almost 10 long years since our battlefront fancies were tickled and now that time has come for our jaws to drop once again. Here is the trailer, oh and most of this trailer is […]


Battlefield 4 Beta: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Max Linskey October 9, 2013

  Author: Max Linskey Battlefield 4 comes out at the end of this month, but that doesn’t mean gamers have to wait. Across all platforms starting earlier this week, the Battlefield 4 Beta was released, and it already has dedicated players on every server ready to do battle. For a […]