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The Great Perhaps

Max Linskey August 22, 2019

Caligari Games showed off a side-scrolling puzzle game at PAX East 2019, a small dev team from Russia eager to impress players. The game has since released and it is as atmospherically satisfying as I remember. I have a soft spot for indie games, but one that uses hand-drawn graphics? […]


Indie Time With: Olympia Rising

Max Linskey April 28, 2014

Greek Mythology is a realm few games have entered (save for God of War and Age of Mythology), but with a Kickstarter gem that’s been funded called Olympia Rising, you have a chance to battle through a platformer that is aesthetically pleasing and challenging. Paleozoic is the developer heading this […]

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Geoff March 30, 2014

An upcoming game from Tecmo Koei and Nintendo. A “Dynasty Warriors-styled Wii U game.” This has some awesome potential considering the games Tecmo Koei has created, and the massive fan base of zelda games. However, Tecmo Koei’s games have a tendency to be significantly similar to every game they’ve ever created. If this […]


Pokemon Origins

Geoff January 20, 2014

Pokemon Origins aired a few months ago, and it is very interesting to say the very least. This new, and yet oddly nostalgic anime bring out the best of both the games and the original manga. The show really is different from how I expected it to be, growing up […]


Not So Killer Instinct

Max Linskey December 5, 2013

by: Max Linskey  For a game that had such hype, such a loyal (albeit small) fanbase, and that seemed to be a worthwhile fighter, Killer  Instinct for the Xbox One ended up more like an unbroken 50 – hit Hyper Combo to any sense of gaming. With a weak lineup […]


Star Wars 7, Marvel News,&Thor: The Dark World

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy November 20, 2013

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    Star Wars 7, Marvel News,&Thor: The Dark World
    Josh Yutkins-Kennedy

This episode the three amigos are back and better than ever! Ted and Lennie talk about they can get so much done without having so many guests on the show, maybe that should be a hint to Tom. Tom comes out of his shell of shyness for us as well. […]