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Throwback Thursday: Advance Wars

Max Linskey November 14, 2013

Advance Wars is a Gameboy Advance tactical warfare game developed by Intelligent Systems, and is one of the best tactics games to date. In the tactic games hayday of the Gameboy Advance, with other titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, Advance Wars took the combat out of the […]

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Pokemon X and Y: The Cons

Max Linskey October 22, 2013

Author: Max Linskey Pokemon X and Y hit shelves October 12th, and right away, players engulfed themselves in the Kalos region, battling trainers, Team Flare, and the 8 gyms, while collecting the new Pokemon created for this installment. And with a huge popularity, treading the following topics could lead to […]

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Pokemon X and Y Review: The Pro’s

Geoff October 21, 2013

It’s here Pokemon Fans! Pokemon X and Y were released to the world on Saturday, October 12th, and what a Saturday it was. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I spent a greater part of my Saturday…who am I kidding…greater part of my weekend, playing this […]


Throwback Thursday: Dragon Warrior Monsters

Max Linskey October 17, 2013

Author: Max Linskey Following the great success of Pokemon, Japanese game developers were eager to create worlds to compete with this instantly popular title. Through the thick of copies, games emerged that set themselves apart in game play and story, though they were few and far between. One excellent example […]


Throwback Thursday: Tales of Symphonia

Geoff October 10, 2013

Released in North America in 2004, Tales of Symphonia is a highly under appreciated RPG which has such a deep and ever varying story that those who have played it, consider it to be a potential masterpiece. Tales of Symphonia is the 5th in the Tales series, a series of […]


Naruto Chapter 650 Review (SPOILERS!)

Geoff October 9, 2013

Well NETV fans, if you keep up with Naruto, you know that things are starting to get pretty intense. Who am I kidding, things have been intense for a while now, but it hasn’t died down one bit, Kishimoto is constantly keeping us on the edge of our seats with […]


Battlefield 4 Beta: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Max Linskey October 9, 2013

  Author: Max Linskey Battlefield 4 comes out at the end of this month, but that doesn’t mean gamers have to wait. Across all platforms starting earlier this week, the Battlefield 4 Beta was released, and it already has dedicated players on every server ready to do battle. For a […]