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Rising Lords Early Access Look

Max Linskey May 30, 2020

“To the fields peasant!” the lord bellows his orders and his people obey. One woman trudges off to the east, getting her boots muddy in the swamp before arriving at her new post in the wheat fields a few days later. The lord commands another to the quarry, a three […]


Check This Out!: Drift Stage

Michael Kenney January 27, 2015

Drift Stage is an homage to the classic arcade racers of the early 3D era, and has an awesome art style and  that harkens the neon colors of the 80’s and 90’s. The game is being developed by Super Systems Softworks, aka Chase Pettit (Programmer), Charles Blanchard (Art), and Hugh […]


Octodad and What it’s Like to Live a Lie

Max Linskey February 3, 2014

So Octodad came out this past Thursday. Looking into the game revealed that it is actually a sequel to a student project done quite a few years ago and Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch is basically a finalized version of that concept.  Octodad, under it’s ridiculous guise and crazy gameplay is […]